The Dolphin 99996323 Dolphin nautilus robotic pool cleaner

The Dolphin 99996323 Dolphin nautilus robotic pool cleaner

The Dolphin robotics is renowned for their quality and operation especially considering their ability to clean both the walls and the pool floors. The Dolphin 99996323 is recommended for large pools at least 50 feet in length, the machine is considered to be light in weight and is considered to be easy to navigate and operate in large pools.

The Dolphin 99996323 is retailed at a price of $629,and in addition, it is sold with other additional accessories like the swimlinne 8040 professional heavy duty deep bag pool rack blue which retails at $21.99 and  a pool master 18100 ABS curved pool brush  17-1/2 inch which is retailed at $12.07 in the online web stores. The machine purchase is thus considered very expensive in comparison to the other brands of automatic pool cleaners. However, with the above costs, the Dolphin 99996323 automatic pool cleaning  machines’ operation is said to be very cost effective costing only at least 15 cents and is said to require no pre installation with a 12 month sales warranty.

At 16 pounds, the dolphin automatic robotic cleaner is said to be readily available for shipment to the overseas market and is also available in the United States where it is made. The Dolphin 9996323 is fitted with scrubs to enable it properly clean the floors and the walls of the swimming pool. It is also has vacuums and filters which is able to clean the pool surface in a very short time. The unique machine also comes with an easy to clean cartridge filter with a spring clean up. Its swivel cable is patented to prevent tangling and is said to be incredibly efficient. These pressure pool cleaning machines are all made using the best technology employed at the Polaris indusrtral assembly parks.

Several customers who have used the machine have praised its efficiency and its cost effectiveness. It is said to consume little energy by the customers who in addition praise its ability to shut on its own when the cleaning is done. The level of satisfaction shown by those who have used it makes it a best tool for any person who needs an automatic pool cleaner.

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June Birthstone Pearls Information

                                                   June Birthstone Pearls Information


The pearl is the traditional birthstone with the people born in June, and is often associated with the attributes involving loyalty, faithfulness as well as friendship. Known as the Queen of Gems, the pearl is the only gem created by a located creature. The majority of us think involving white pearls because norm, and for quite a while they were being. But because of cultured pearl technology, pearls the June birthstone now are available in many different shapes, sizes and colors. 

Prior to the creation of cultured pearls from the early 1900s, natural pearls were being so rare and expensive they were only intended for nobility along with the very rich. In fact, it is usually said that at the height with the Roman Empire, the common Vitellis financed an entire military strategy by selling one amongst his mother’s pearl jewelry. Today’s pearl industry has been forever reshaped when Kokichi Mikimotu, the son of the noodle creator, experimented along with inserting mollusk shell into oysters. 

Cultured pearls are produced by mollusks with a little aid from mankind. To develop a cultured globule, an irritant is usually introduced in the mollusk’s shell, causing the secretion of the substance called nacre that the pearl is formed. 

Because of their mysterious elegance, pearls have got long experienced great powers assigned to them. Inside Islamic convention, the Quran talks of pearls among the great rewards found in paradise. Hindu lifestyle and Christianity have got adopted the pearl being a symbol involving purity, which is the reason pearls in many cases are associated along with brides and also weddings.

This Big pink Pearl valued on $4. 7 trillion in 1991 and also weighing 94 grams, or 3. 3 oz. is listed from the Guinness Book of World Records as being the largest natural abalone pearl ever identified. The owner in this gem is usually Wesley Rankin, who found the pearl although diving on California’s Salt Point State Park in Petaluma in 1990. The Imperial Hong Kong Pearl is shown to have the moment belonged to be Chinese royalty. This sensitive wonder weighs about 25. 5 grams, nearly 1 oz., and is defined in any platinum and also diamond necklace.

When examining and also comparing pearls, lay them over a no reflective surface such as a velvet-covered plate. The pearls just a strand must match each other. Check for just a thin cover; if pearls aren’t left from the oyster long enough, they are prone to chip. A pearl needs a brilliant, even, reflective exterior. High original appeal means premium quality.

Being an organic treasure, pearls might be harmed by experience of the chemicals found in household products, cosmetics, fragrances and head of hair products. Never use a toothbrush over a pearl as well as expose any pearl to a ultrasonic solution. Store pearls wrapped in a soft fabric or sack, and guard them coming from all abrasive objects. Keep in mind, you usually are wearing a present from the sea, and the higher quality you look after them the longer they may maintain their beauty.

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Typical filtration equipment used in private swimming pools

Typical filtration equipment used in private swimming pools



Some pool pumps have two motor speeds to reduce power consumption at times when full power is not needed. Other pump manufacturers (typically Italian or other European) have redesigned their units to use a smaller electric motor with heavier windings, therefore consuming less energy, to power a larger pump impeller. Variable-speed pumps allow power consumption to be reduced further, and are popular in the United States, where they are often run 24 hours a day. Most pool pumps available today incorporate a small filter basket termed a “hair and lint strainer” or “lint pot” as the last effort to avoid leaf or hair contamination reaching the close-tolerance impeller section of the pump. 



          A pressure-fed filter is typically placed in line immediately after the water pump. The filter typically contains a media such as graded sand (called ’14/24 Filter Media’ in the UK system of grading the size of sand by sifting through a fine brass-wire mesh of 14 to the inch to 24 to the inch). The sand in the filter will typically last five to seven years before all the “rough edges” are worn off and the more tightly packed sand no longer works as intended. 

Diatomaceous earth

          Some filters use diatomaceous earth to help filter out contaminants. Commonly referred to as ‘D.E.’ filters, they exhibit superior filtration capabilities. Often a D.E. filter will trap water-borne contaminants as small as 1 micrometer in size. D.E. filters are banned in some states, as they must be emptied out periodically and the contaminated media flushed down the sewer, causing a problem in some districts’ sewage systems. 

Cartridge filters

          Other filter media that have been introduced to the residential swimming pool market since 1970 include sand particles and paper type cartridge filters of 50 to 150 square feet (14 m2) filter area arranged in a tightly packed 12″ diameter x 24″ long (300 mm x 600 mm) accordion-like circular cartridge. These units can be ‘daisy-chained’ together to collectively filter almost any size home pool. 

Robotic Pool Cleaners and Handheld/Extended-Reach Pool and Spa Vacuums

          Automated pool cleaners more commonly known as “Automatic pool cleaners” and in particular electric, robotic pool cleaners provide an extra measure of filtration, and in fact like the handheld vacuums can micro filter a pool, which a sand filter without flocculation or coagula Lents is unable to accomplish.

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Top Quality Conference production equipment

Conference AV

As multinational or small-sized companies, organizing conference is not an easy task. Especially when companies have tight timeline, the organizing committee shall be stressful. There are many activities that the organizing committee shall do, such as finding the right venue, sending the meeting invitations, and even arranging the conference AV in the venue. The most difficult task is to arrange the conference AV, because companies do not have sufficient conference AV or they do not have trained and experienced staffs to operate the equipment. Those require the investment and time from the companies, who, however, are not willing to commit.

Equipped with the trained and experienced professionals, the PURE AV is pleased to solve the shortcomings from those companies. We have abundant of conference AV, such as:

Data Projectors



PA Systems

Wireless Microphones



Audio Recorders

Video Cameras

DVD Players

LCD & Plasma Screens

Video Conference Systems

Conference Microphone Systems

Webcasting Systems

With the above conference AV, we are confident to offer the state-of-the-art technology and customized solutions for our valued customers. The solutions from us shall be suitable for every event from you, including the new product launch, press releases, regional meetings, and even ceremonies. In addition, our team can also support your event internationally. Therefore, with our service, we are sure to make you succeed in your important events.

Customer-oriented service is the key for the success from the PURE AV. When you first come to our office or call us, our trained customer service specialists are willing to listen to you. They are strong to understand the customer requirements seriously, and provide feedback or opinions in a timely manner. If customers have any questions on the conference AV, the PURE AV is able to provide assistance on that. Our one-stop customer service begins from the customer enquiries to the setup of the conference AV. We are not only offering customers the conference AV, but we will be on site to help our valued customers for any assistance. We understand that customers shall have a number of questions relating the conference AV during conference. Therefore, the PURE AV shall be your trusted partner in order to ensure the smoothness and opperation of the Conference production equipment. Come in to our studio to get the best prices.

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Audio visual company for conferences and more

PURE AV offer everything for hire and sale from the basic flip chart stand to indeed world class conference sets, we firmly believe no event is too large or too small. Whatever our client wishes whether it’s a small or large event to us it’s our passion and we deliver on time and indeed every time!

We are based in West Yorkshire making us central to the UK, ideal for delivering and installing Audio Visual Equipment to all corners of the country. We have our own friendly and efficient conference and sales installation team who are experts in the installation of all kinds of conference and event equipment whether you require hire or sales.

 Within the industry our reputation is famous for our installations been done tidily, efficiently and neatly. Our pre-testing is second to none ensuring that when you want the equipment to work you can rest assured it will, and on time. Our promise to you is that we will listen, help plan, install and engineer your event to the highest of standards – Our reputation counts on it!

PURE AV are a conference and equipment supply company offering bespoke solutions to companies who wish to present their own product launch, AGM, large meetings or their social events, Audio Visual Equipment are retailers and installers of all electronic products from a home hi fi system to a concert audio system and repair centre for all electronic repairs to component level. We also supply to the general public all that we offer to the business world and we are known as entertainment specialists saucing acts from tribute artists to the original stars of music and the theatre world from around the world

For all the up-to-date information about Audio Visual Equipment Ltd. and what the company supplies download and view our corporate CV. Within it you will find a full history of our company and a fraction of the work we have done throughout the years. Our Technical Support colleagues can provide you with IT and PowerPoint support. Our technician will take care of all the supplied IT equipment and if required load your presentations onto the equipment. You shall find your solution from the IT and PowerPoint support. They are ready to help you. 

Without further adue, reach out to our Audio visual company for conferences department to get all your help.

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Important equipments for business presentation

If you are going to organize corporate events or presentation, you should use the audio visual service. This service is most important for event planners because it can reduce the cost of event management. We can expect the supply of different items and products from audio visual service like advancers, monitors, dress kit and projector. The event management services are used by most of the people who organize the presentations and conferences. It is reported that business conference is a source of new deals and potential customers. Hence, if you need best services, you can use the option of event management service with ease. There are available wide ranges of sources who supply the high quality equipments. In order to organize business presentation in a good way, you will need following equipments.

  1. Monitors

The monitor is used to display the visual effect of presentation. The monitors get data from computers, DVD, cameras and other sources. The audience can see the images on monitor screen with ease and comfort. You can use the different types of monitors because they vary in size and shape.

  1. Speakers & sound system

The sound system is used for the convenience of presentation. It helps the audience to hear the voice of person who is giving presentation. You can also connect microphone with sound system to give a clear image. Now different types of sound systems are used in the world for such occasions. The DJ services in Oakville offers all types of audio visual equipments.

  1. Dress kit

This equipment is used with projector screen and it offers additional features on all sides of screen. It helps to fill the empty and extra space around the screen surface. You can deal with remain invisible area on the screen with the help of dress kit.

  1. Advancer

The advancer helps the consumer to communicate wirelessly in front of audience. It does not require physical interaction with computer. The famous advancers include laser pointer that helps the presenter to highlight the specific areas on computer screen. It is best equipment for the purpose of visual presentation.

  1. Projector

This equipment displays image on projector screen. It makes the images more clear.




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How to become a good DJ

DJ or a disc jockey is a person who mixes the previously recorded songs tracks to take the audience on a flawless and smooth journey. He has to bind the music to the dance floor and makes the feet of the audience tap on it. A good and professional DJ has many tricks and tips on DJing which he applies to get a perfect performance. It is not necessary that all of the tips and tricks work. These may fail many times in completing his tasks. A perfect Disc jockey Brampton is the one who knows how to cope in such situations. Here, I am not going to discuss any tips and tricks, but I would like to share the major key points which would help you to become a successful and perfect DJ:

  1. The very important key to success s that make your profession a passion for you. Then, it will lead to the success ultimately. Do not hesitate. If you love music, you have to show it to your audience. You must feel free in your performance. Keep one thing in mind that when you are performing, you are making love with music. If you feel shy, music will be unhappy. Thrill the dance floor by giving your best on the tracks.
  2. Another important thing is to remember is that you must be pure, be yourself. Do not feel any guild in showing your talent. Instead of copying each other, you must express your own gut feeling about music. With only this tactic, you will be able to show your style and taste to your audience.
  3. Learn from your mistakes. Mistakes happen to teach you, not to dismay you. You must not be discouraged about anything which goes wrong. Be confident and try to make it right next time. Observe the mistakes of your colleagues carefully and try to avoid them in your performances. Never underestimate anyone.
  4. Finally, you must have an ideal DJ n your mind. The purpose is to follow him, not to copy (as I have mentioned in the previous points). Be inspired from your seniors and respect them.

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Pentair kreepy krauly LL 505G legend pressure automatic pool cleaner

Pentair kreepy krauly LL 505G legend pressure automatic pool cleaner

The Pentair automatic pool cleaner is another of the flagship brands in the automatic pool cleaning sector. With the Pentairkreepy krauly LL 505G legend pressure automatic pool cleaners considered as the most pocket friendly quality product in the market.t6he product wheels are designed specially to avoid tipping while in the process of cleaning the pool while at the same time it works on the four wheel mechanism making its navigation in the pool to be easy and ensures uninterrupted performance. The product is also attributed to be having a large bag capable of handling large amounts of dirt collected from the pool and in the process saves time in the removal of clogged dirt. Its large capacity ensures the bag is not easily clogged.


The Pentairkreepy krauly LL 505G legend pressure automatic pool cleaners are retailed online at the lowest price of $ 395 and comes with its separate large bag at a cost of only $25 which makes this product the cheapest to assemble and so can be suitable for small scale domestic pool cleaning operations as well as the commercial pool cleaning services given its large debris bag attached which can enable it to operate for long. The only notable downside of this machine is that the horse pipe fitted to it when sold is too long and has to be trimmed to fit certain pool sizes, this can attract an extra cost but  usually not much.


This machine is found to be among the best pressure in pool side cleaners where it comes to pool vacuuming. It is fitted to a pressure pump and thus is able to utilize water pressure to clean the pool surface. Its tail scrubbing makes a gentle and thorough cleaning as the cleaner is navigated in the pool making the pool spotlessly clean.


The Pentairkreepy krauly LL 505G legend pressure automatic pool cleaners are found to be easy to use machines based on reports from the customers who have used it. It is an easy to install machine and so requires no extra professional expertise. The instruction manual is also easy to understand and is recommended for domestic pool cleaning.



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Birthstones and their different names & myths

Birthstones and their different names & myths

The wearing of month birthstones is considered to get good fortune and good health. Long ago astrologers recognized supernatural powers to some gemstones. In ancient times the birthstones they wore were different because it is not long time ago when birthstones were associated with specific months. Ancient people used all 12 birthstones one for each month. During that time color was the most essential quality of a stone. In fact, people of those days didn’t even differentiate between a garnet and a ruby. The names and myths used in the past are not closely related to the gem we think of with that name nowadays. There are some birthstones below with different names and myths behind.

Difference in Name

In the holy Bible, sapphire was possibly what we recognize in our day as lapis. Ancient people recognized Diamonds as a white topaz or white sapphire.

Difference in Myths

Amethyste has different myths regarding its name. Some people say, ancient god Bacchus had a fun loving character and once this party god saw a pretty maiden and got attracted to her wild beauty. He gave her so many proposals but the maiden refused them. Her name was Amethyste. She felt very helplessly prayed to the goddess Diana for safety. The goddess turned the maiden into a crystal statue. Our boy, Bacchus was very sad and had a glass of wine in his hand which he sadly poured over the statue. Sadness of a god turned the color of the stone into purple. This is how the purple gemstone got the name Amethyste.

Another Greek myth says, the young maiden was being chased by tigers and to save her the goddess Diana turned her into a quartz statue. Upon seeing this, the god Dionysus cries purple tears. The name of the maiden was Amethyste. This is how the famous stone Amethyste got its name and color.

No matter what the original name and myth is birthstones are always thrilling to wear. Just imagine that the stone you are wearing is actually taking your care. Apart from the magical qualities birthstones are very fashionable and suits with any outfit.




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The Polaris Swimming pool automatic cleaners.

The Polaris Swimming pool automatic cleaners.

Pressure cleaners made by Polaris are the next big thing in the automatic swimming pool cleaning. Polaris as a brand has been the leading manufacturer of automatic swimming pool cleaning machines. These machines are meant to use the pressure technology to give that fresh and enchanting look to your pool to enable maximum enjoyment.

For over 4 decades, the Polaris automatic pool service manufacturer has been engaged in making quality products which include among other:

The Polaris vac sweep 380 which are meant to be used in an all ground swimming pool and is mostly used with a boosting pump.

The Polaris vac 280 is the most automated pool cleaning machine which is easy to connect to a dedicated pressure line.

The Polaris 3900 sport is built using high tech Polaris technology and is meant to deliver the state of the art cleaning service to the clients.

The Polaris vac sweep 180  is a pressure cleaner which has a separate power booster pump and is mostly suitable for the in ground swimming pools.

The Polaris vac sweep 165 is a pool cleaning machine meant for vinyl surfaces in the pool and is operated using a pump with an effective filtration system. The pump is made in such a way that makes it easy to fit and operate.

 The Polaris turbo turtle is made in the shape of a turtle and is made to be powered by the pressure of returning water coming back to the pool.

 And finally the Polaris vac-sweep 65 is an automatic pool cleaner which best works above the ground areas and is also powered by the pressure of returning water. These pressure pool cleaning machines are all made using the best technology employed at the Polaris indusrtral assembly parks.

With the above range of pressure cleaning equipments, pool cleaning becomes an activity for leisure and does not require high energy and physical engagement. Though these products are cost effective, the modern technological advancement has never been this good .the user though can select using their discretion and finances to come up with a machine that will well clean the pool.  


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