On July, 9 at 7:30 pm, the question of Vinci's participation will be discussed in the Senate of France. The same day a meeting with Evgenija Chirikova is organized in Paris: it will take place in the bookstore “Globe” (67, boulevard Beaumarchais). To join the meeting, please, visit https://www.facebook.com/events/466569706688126/.

On July, 10, Ms. Chirikova with another members of the Movement to Defend Khimki Forest will visit the camp against Vinci's projects in Nantes.

All these meetings are aimed at informing the French civil society about Vinci's actions in Russia. Ms. Chirikova will speak about the violation of human rights and environmental legislation, about the offshore zones scheme, involving Vinci and the Russian oligarchs and allowing to withdraw budget money to these zones. “In fact, Vinci is taking part in the activities of an organized criminal group,” - the Russian activists say.

Vinci's miscunduct has already been recognized by the international community. On June, 26, a meeting on the Khimki forest case took place in the European Parliament. Several MEP's promised their support and are now preparing lawsuits against Vinci.

At the same time the struggle in Khimki is going on. Activists are trying to stop the illegal works on the construction site: dangerous excavation near the gas pipeline, filling of the Kliazma riverbed, logging near the mezotrophic swamp. Construction's security guards attack activists, injuring them and the Khimki police refuses to initiate criminal proceedings.