29 Apr 2012
She dared to call Vladimir Putin a crook

Young Russian environmentalist Evgenia Chirikova has turned her one-woman protest into a controversial nationwide campaign.

04 May 2011
Russia's Khimki Forest Threatened by Highway Project

Time is running out for Russian activists hoping to stop the construction of a highway through an old growth forest outside of Moscow. In an eleventh hour campaign, the Movement to Defend Khimki Forest is targeting the French company overseeing the controversial project. Vinci, one of Europe’s largest corporations, signed the contract for the Moscow-St. Petersburg motorway in 2009 and could begin the first phase of development this month. The 43-kilometer section will slice through the heart of an old growth oak forest, an important corridor for large game and home to numerous endangered plant species, as well as a cherished greenbelt on the edge of one of the world’s most polluted cities.

10 Apr 2011
Russian activists risk lives to save Khimki Forest

Activists in Russia are facing some of the most frightening enemies in their struggle to protect an area of forest. The campaign for the Khimki Forest, spearheaded by 33 year-old mother and business woman Yevgenia Chrikova, has attracted dangerous attention from the Russian Governmen.

10 Feb 2011
Russian police 'arrest mother and children over forest protest'

Environmental activists trying to save part of the ancient Khimki woodland say woman is falsely accused of making hoax bomb threat.

14 Dec 2010
Despite protests, Russia will build road through Khimki forest

The Russian highway project that would slice through an ancient oak forest - protested by a wide swath of citizens and so controversial that journalists who wrote about it were beaten and maimed - will indeed be built, government officials said Tuesday.