30 Apr 2011, Study

The first section of the Moscow – St. Petersburg motorway (km 15-58) is widely heralded as being the first public-private partnership (PPP) in the roads sector in Russia. Yet surprisingly little is known about the private sector concession-holder for the project – the North West Concession Company – considering that this is a company to which the Russian government and road users will pay EUR 1.5 billion over the course of the 30-year contract.

03 May 2012, Report

Zhukovsky, Moscow region, Russia
Report on the events of 21.04.2012

Prepared by:
“Green city”, Zhukovsky, legal group
Contact: Nicholas Kachnov
+7 926 281 50 22

20 Jun 2011, Letter

We wrote to the Global Compact on 28th March 2011 regarding Vinci's non-compliance with its Global Compact Commitments in relation to the first section of the Moscow – St. Petersburg motorway project. Our letter subsequently formed the basis of an enquiry to Vinci by the Business and Human Rights and Human Resource Centre, to which Vinci responded on 26th April 2011. Having carefully reviewed Vinci's response, we still believe that the company is not in compliance with its Global Compact commitments and are therefore sending you this additional letter.

27 May 2011, Miscellanous

In this document, you can find descriptions  of human and civil rights abuses  against Khimki forest defenders, including links to photos, videos, blogs and other articles in the period of April to May 2011.

28 Mar 2011, Letter

The letter to representatives of the UN Global Compact gives details on the failure to respect commitments under the Global Compact initiative by the construction company Vinci in connection with the Moscow – St. Petersburg motorway project (near Khimki).

02 Feb 2011, Study

Since its inception, the idea to build a motorway through the Khimki forest near Moscow met opposition from the local community and experts. In summer 2010, attempts to commence construction of the toll highway from Moscow to St. Petersburg across the Khimki forest park triggered massive protests and revealed a number of issues.