Evgenia Chirikova, leader of the Movement to Defend the Khimki Forest,  left Moscow yesterday  in order to hand over the new black list  to U.S. senators.

The "black list" contains names of Russian officials who are either involved in corruption and bribery linked to the toll highway construction project Moscow - St. Petersburg, or  responsible for violence against peaceful activists and  violation of Russian law and civil rights.
The movement is hoping that the U.S. will introduce tougher sanctions against such violators, as it is the case with those who are listed on the  Magnitsky list

The black list was first published on August 26, 2011, accompanied by an international Twitter solidarity action and followed by protests in 49 Russian cities.  
It includes Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, minister of transport Igor Levitin, the General Prosecutor  Yuri Chaika, governor of the Moscow Region Boris Gromov, mayor of the town of Khimki Vladimir Strelchenko, representatives of law enforcement agencies, judges, etc.