Dear friends,

the Movement to Defend Khimki Forest wishes you a fruitful and inspiring New Year. We thank you very much for your support throughout the last year and hope that this one will bring more good news.

On December, 20, 2012, a claim by the NGO Princip – the Movement's ally in the defence of the forest– was upheld in a Moscow court. In October 2011 Princip filed a complaint against DorInjStojProjektLLC, a subcontactor of Vinci, stating that this company had organized cutting of a 100-meter wide glade without an appropriate official permit. The Federal Road Agency had issued a permit, but it allowed the clearing of land only for a 26.7 meter wide road. A local court in Moscow fully satisfied the claim.

“We are very grateful to Princip and its chief Dmitry Trunin for the excellent professional work they do,” - said Evgenija Chirikova. “They managed to prove in a Russian court, that Vinci's claims of maximal reduction of the environmental damage are nothing more than PR-tricks.”