At 9 a.m. cutting down of the trees near Vashutino was reported. Workers, private guards and bandits were collected together. The activists met 3 workers with chainsaws and stopped the works. The workers who did not have any documents  went to a bus, a  PSC guard  tried to return them and make them work. The PSC boss Nikolay arrived in a black SUV with registration tag т500мк197.

BeatingLater, the cutting down of trees continued but the activists managed to stop it again. Some activists were injured due to the attacks by guards from "Vityaz". A member of the Ecological Watch of the North Caucasus Suren Gazaryan and some other people were beaten. The police was called to the scene. The PSC guard itself made a false report to the police that Gazaryan himself had attacked them. The lawyer Artur Grokhovsky arrived to help Gazaryan. Suren was released within 2 hours.

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