Two unknown persons attacked journalist Oleg Kashin near his house in Moscow.  Kashin is a very well-known journalist of the newspaper “Kommersant” who wrote an article about the anti-fascists’ action at the Khimki administration. Kashin received numerous serious injuries: concussion, broken shins, and a torn off finger phalanx. The attackers resembled 'football fans' according to Kashin himself. Later, unofficial information appeared that police had tried to turn the case into a “domestic conflict”.

CCTV footage of beating
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Kashin's interview

Khimki opposition activist and  supporter of the Movement to Protect Khimki Forest Konstantin Fetisov was beaten by a baseball bat at the entrance of his house. With severe  brain injuries he was taken to hospital. He was in coma for a long time, and as of 1 March 2011 is still not speaking. This was the second attack against him. The first one a few weeks before resulted in a broken jaw.
Khimki Police initially didn't even try to begin an investigation or even to take and study the weapon that was left on site. An investigation was begun only after the attack received publicity in the central mass media, and a group of human rights lawyers and celebrities  addressed President Medvedev.

As a result, some suspected criminals were arrested. A middle-rank bureaucrat from Khimki Administration is among them. There are serious doubts that he could act without authorization from the very top of his administration. Nevertheless, all the top figures in the administration have remained in their positions.