The State Guardianship and Khimki Police tried to launch a procedure to deprive Evgenia Chirikova of her children. A printed unsigned paper allegedly authored by her neighbours about Chirikova’s “cruelty” toward the children was used as a pretext. The first check showed that the neighbours did not write such a paper, and they denounced all the allegations in it. Therefore, the case was clearly a deliberate distribution of false compromising information (a criminal offence according to Russian law!). Nevertheless, next day the guardianship still tried to prosecute Evgenia. A squall of calls and petitions from outraged people has apparently made them to stop the attempt. Nevertheless, Khimki police tried to enter Chirikova’s apartment on February 27 and March 1.

Alla Chernishova who is the chief editor of the environmentalists’ website was surprisingly arrested by Khimki police and taken to the police station together with her 4 and 6 year old children. She was subjected to an extensive interrogation for several hours. She was treated in a very rude manner, policemen threatened to deprive her of her children and to imprison her – demanding  her to give testimonies that the “dummy bomb” was planted by her and Evgenia Chirikova. Alla refused to give false  testimony. She was finally released without any official charge. Nevertheless, the press-service of Moscow District police  distributed an official statement claiming directly that she was guilty in planting the dummy bomb. Later, the police statement was denounced by activists at a press conference, and challenged in court as defamation.

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Police broke up a meeting for the protection of a green zone near the Moscow Canal from “development”. A pretext of a “bomb threat” was used to push people away from the site. There was a parcel on the ground that allegedly contained a dummy bomb. Some witnesses later said that the parcel was left by a suspicious-looking man.When a witness on site pointed policemen towards this man as a possible criminal, a policeman said “impossible, that’s our man”