An emergency gas service arrived to the clearing (from “Gazpromregiongaz”, a structure of Gazprom). They confirmed that there was a high-pressure (1,2 MPa) gas pipeline underground just in the center of the clearing. Any damage to the pipeline could result in a powerful explosion. Like  the activists before, the emergency service failed to find any permissions for the work, including required special authorization for working in the dangerous zone near the pipeline. Basic safety rules were neglected, heavy crawler machines literally tore the ground over the pipeline. Moreover, access for emergency crews to the pipeline was blocked by fallen trees scattered chaotically on the clearing. The emergency crew issued a written order forbidding use of crawler machines or put logs near the pipeline.  

It must be noticed that a tender for moving the pipeline away from the construction ground was carried out in the end of 2010. No winner was found. According to the tender, 20,000 more trees are to be cut down, including those in the oak grove. There must be no construction works before the pipeline remains in its current position.
After the emergency service left, the works were resumed. Activists tried to stop it, but police of Khimki blocked their attempts. Thus, police protected dangerous works that were directly forbidden, including continued use of the crawling machines.

A student of the Moscow State University, Ms. Anastasia Suslina asked police major Mr Shkuratov to introduce himself. He pushed her into the face instead, said she was drunken and, if she was not  taken away by her parents, he would arrest her. He further commented that he had not violated any law and needed no excuse for his behavior.

After police left the scene, two groups of activists went to stop works. It was successful, the workers fled. Meanwhile, activists Aleksey Rassolov and Pavel Shekhtman (who were taken to the hospital) revealed that one PSC guard was also put to the hospital. He was looking quite healthy but affirmed that he was beaten by the environmentalists. Next day he was released quickly  from the hospital.

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