At night (about 3-00 AM) one of the participants of the environmentalists’ camp Yury Petin was assaulted apparently for no reason at all.
He was staying on the roadside of Vashutino road trying to pick a car. It was near a shop, about 1 km from the clearing. He was approached by a black Hundai sedan car with registration tag  х531см or  х513см (he didn’t remember exactly). Four men came out and grabbed Yury saying “You’re caught, finally!”  Then they started to beat him. Yury was thrown to the ground, the men forbade to look at them threatening to beat him more.

Then the attackers were approached by a man in the Vityaz’ uniform, the attacker commanded him as though he was their subordinate.

Yury told: “It was like they instructed the PSC guy. They wanted him to say police that Yury  exploded petards in the forest. Then police arrived. Police started to talk with the attackers and the security guard. Then I was brought to 2nd Police Department of Khimki, address: Khimki, Kudryavtseva str., 4”

It was about 5-30 in the morning when Yury was driven to the police station, to a duty investigator. The investigator refused to accept Yury’s statement about the attack against him. Instead, he started to accuse Yury in “exploding petards in the forest”. Then the investigator prepared a protocol by himself, asking Yury and the security guard about what had happened. Police tried to photograph Yury and take his fingerprints threatening to put him in jail otherwise. Yury refused, and spent in police few hours (till 12-00 AM). In the midday, Yury went home with a policeman to take his passport. At 1-00 PM he was back in the police station again.  Then Yury was met by a second investigator who prepared a protocol that Youry was detained for violating “fire safety rules”. The investigator said that the protocol is to be passed to the fire service. He refused to hand a copy of the protocol to Yury.

“The investigator said he can do whatever he wants to me, to plant drugs or arms and put me to a prison” – Yury explained. 

Yury Petin wrote a statement to the Prosecutor Office demanding to detain the attackers, and punish them as well as the policemen who refused to receive Yury’s statement about the attack against him. He also asked to find the security guard who gave the wrong testimony to the policemen.